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Art & Science artist
SMM senior specialist
Headpiece maker (masks)
Pavlina Belokrenitskaya,
Art & Science independent artist and photographer

She graduated with a Bachelor of Sociology from St. Petersburg State University and her interest in contemporary art became her motivation to study Art & Science at ITMO

Her artistic projects lie in the field of posthumanism and interspecies communication, the object of which is most often birds. Also interested in accident or randomness as a category and birdwatching

Originally from the Krasnodar region, lives and works in St.Petersburg.
Byome cage
Located in Novojiblov, Russia

An interactive monument to ornithologist L. Boehme.

A cage 5 meters high and 2.5 meters in diameter with seating for lectures. Interactivity is provided by a button, when pressed, the system reads the data and says which bird of the Bryansk region the person looks like and the singing of this bird turns on.

Idea: Lisa Andrushenko, Pauline Belokrenitskaya
Realisation: Konstantin Novikov, Ave Vasiliy

Made thankful grant by Culture Sled
Artificial feather
Artificial feather is a decellularized leaf of a plant as a prototype of an artificial feather, into the center (rachis) of which a vitamin complex will be introduced. This feather can be implanted into the body of sick birds, which, as a result of the disease, lose their plumage, and, accordingly, the ability to fly. The project raises the issue of animal disability and suffering. An artificial feather can be presented in a petri dish. For structure comparison, a real parrot feather can be placed next to it.

Theoretical basis: Annmarie Mol, Sunaura Taylor, Revital Cohen, Ritchie P.A.

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Symbiodevice shows how birds help plants to exist through interaction, collecting data from both species. This is a prototype device of the future that collects information from two species and analyzes their interaction.

The idea behind this design was the symbiotic theory that species evolve through cooperation rather than struggle. As part of the project, the device will collect information from a plant (ficus) and a parrot (cockatiel). The device is white, resembles a stone with holes through which you can see the technical filling (Arduino and sensors).

Theoretical basis: Jacob Von Uexkull, Donna Haraway, Lynn Margulis, Lois Gregoire, Jennifer Ackerman.

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Zine "Unanswers"
Open-call by 2nd Curatorial forum, Saint Petersburg
Curators: Alina Belishkina and Natalia Khvoenkova

The exhibition "Unanswered" in the format of a printed edition as zine was performed by fifteen students of six partner universities of the 2nd Curatorial Forum.

In the zine, students try to figure out how our ideas about education are formed; what changes do we want, based on the acute problems existing today. Reflecting on the curriculum and what it can be in theory and practice, the authors of the exhibition asked questions: What do I know? What do I want to know? What do I want to learn? What I need? What am I dreaming about? What makes me happy? It was they who led to the non-responses on the pages of the zine. They cover three topics:
- Why is it necessary THIS?
- What is a university?
- Purpose or process?
Zin-exhibition "Neo-Answers" is an attempt to analyze one's own student experience and deconstruct the idea of ​​what an educational institution is.
What should I do (perfomance)
Potential project for "Love, Death & Robots" / "Black Mirror" series. The story about a man (Jason) who was implanted with artificial voice intelligence (Anne).

Project by: Sofia Osbanova, Julia Ginger, Pauline Belokrenitskaya
Cockatiel singing generated by a neural network
It serves as a biotechnological audio background of the ecosystem. The project offers an alternative scenario of a symbiotic future where technologies and nature intertwine.

Theoretical basis: Noam Chomsky

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Check portfolio and book a shooting :)
Life still goes on
I worked on TV-channels then moved in marketing (SMM)
For 4 years was studying accidents or randomness
Getting obsessed with photography from 2019
Interested in interspecies communication and birds
Art & Science
Publications, exhibitions and talks
2021 from May till July
Group show "STAGE"
AIR ITMO Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2021 from 6 of December till 21 of February
Group show "Paranature institute"
Marina Gisich Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Study of the population of the long-eared owl in the vicinity of the village of Olginskaya (five years):
Kovalevsky readings

Study of the population of the long-eared owl in the vicinity of the village of Olginskaya (six years old) and correlation with St. Petersburg:
Kovalevsky readings

Kovalevsky readings
Sorokin Readings

Sorokin Readings
Quality of education through the canvas in Russia:
The smartphone zombie phenomenon

Sorokin Readings
Vinzavod.Open, 2021
Дискуссия «Биосемиотика и межвидовая коммуникация»

Tyumen, 2021
Артист-ток «Межвидовая коммуникация: как выбрать тему для диплома и реализовать первый арт проект» (artist-talk)
На артист-токе вы узнаете, какие три вещи необходимо вынести после двух лет обучения на магистратуре Art&Science, и что делать, если ваша мечта — выставить свои работы в галерее:

Vinzavod.Open, 2021
Децеллюляризация растений: от искусства до медицины (workshop)

Congress of Young Scientists, 2021
Speculative research on plant-bird communication (Artificial feather)

Geek Picnic, 2020
Master class on creating Instagram-masks

TED Talks x SPSU, 2017
Does randomness exist
My portfolio,
my CV

Contact me: belokreni7kaya
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